West Seattle day care’s license suspended after baby’s death

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By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The state Department of Early Learning (DEL) has temporarily suspended the license of a West Seattle in-home day care after the death of a baby this week.

We have been looking into this since a reader asked about a major medical response at a home in Westwood at midday this past Monday; later, two other readers e-mailed to ask about rumors they had heard of a death at a local day care. This afternoon, we confirmed with three local and state agencies that an investigation is under way.

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Why the street trees by Fairmount Playfield are being cut down

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The trees in the planting strip along Fauntleroy Way by Fairmount Playfield have caused some trouble in recent years – we can think of at least two cases of branches falling on the sidewalk/cars, like this one last September.

Still, some were concerned to see that all but a few have been removed this week. It’s partly related to the impending reopening of Fairmount Park Elementary, according to the response we received from Seattle Parks, and partly in advance of an impending sidewalk project:

The trees were removed for hazard. The species and growth of the tree (have) made them unreliable. They were pruned to mitigate hazards and slated for removal as part of the sidewalk replacement program in 2015 in cooperation with SDOT. We are removing the current trees to assure that the new grade-school-bus loading zone is safe this year. A plan is in development to replace similar-size trees in a manner that will not disrupt the new sidewalk.

Two trees had been taken down previously. Parks also recently put in a path along the south side of the park, leading from the sidewalk to the school.

If you notice someone taking pictures in your neighborhood …

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… it MIGHT be the real-estate site Zillow. We got a note from Michael in Gatewood this afternoon, saying someone suspicious was taking photos of houses along his street. A neighbor, he told us, asked the person what they were doing; they said they were with Zillow. After we tried contacting the company via Twitter just to ask, they called us to confirm yes, it’s a project they’re working on, to “improve the images on (their website)” comparable to what you might see on Google Street View. However, the spokesperson assured us, they aren’t taking photos with people in them, and if you tell the photographer not to take a picture of your house, they’ll honor the request. Just thought we’d share what we found out.

Video: Blue Angels’ Friday practice for Seafair airshows

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Thanks to Doug B. for the video of the Blue Angels‘ takeoff from Boeing Field this afternoon. Their practice performance – in advance of this weekend’s Seafair airshows – is over as of just before 2:30 pm. That means Sea-Tac Airport jet routing is back to normal, too. If you were outdoors during the practice, you might have seen/heard a Blue Angel or two – Fox saw the diamond formation in the distance from Hiawatha and sent this photo:

I-90 will be closed 12:15-2:40 pm each of the next two days – the Blue Angels’ show will be during that window, likely the back hour, but it could start sooner.

ADDED 3:55 PM: Two more views from today!

Thanks to Jim Clark for the photo above, and Chris Clark for the photo below.

Thanks to all!

ArtsWest announces Mathew Wright as its new artistic director

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Just announced by ArtsWest: A new artistic director, Mathew Wright (AW-provided photo at right). According to the news release – which you can read in full here – “Mathew is familiar to ArtsWest’s audiences as both the Director of ‘Little Women’ and the Music Director of ‘HAIR,’ two of the most loved and successful shows of the 2013-2014 season. … Mathew will begin his tenure at ArtsWest on September 1, following the departure of Annie Lareau, ArtsWest’s Interim Artistic Director. ” Wright has been working full time as education-programs coordinator at The 5th Avenue Theatre downtown. He’s joining ArtsWest one year after the departure of Christopher Zinovitch, whose thirteen years with the organization concluded with two as its artistic director.

From the ‘yes, they’re working on it’ file: 35th SW kickoff date

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One more note from last night’s meeting about SW Roxbury – a stack of cards casually announced the launch date for the other major “road-safety corridor project” in the works: 35th SW. You have almost three months’ warning for this one – 6:30 pm October 22nd at Neighborhood House‘s High Point Center. Meantime, browse the background links on the left side of the project page.

West Seattle Friday: Music, Shakespeare, books, produce, more … and Seafair!

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Denise Bradshaw shared that sunrise photo, as seen earlier this week from Seacrest, where the sun was right behind Seattle’s tallest building. Now, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, what’s up for the rest of the day/night:

SEAFAIR NOTES: The ships that sailed by on Wednesday are open for tours again today – see the schedule here. Then, of course, as mentioned again in today’s traffic watch, the Blue Angels go up for their “practice” performance, closing the I-90 bridge 12:15-2:40 pm.

(Blue Angels at Boeing Field – photo by Frank Smith)
As mentioned here more than once over the years, you can watch their takeoff from Boeing Field following the ceremonial “walkdown” just south of the Museum of Flight.

And here on the peninsula:

PENCIL ME IN FOR KIDS DONATION DRIVE: Rotary Club of West Seattle volunteers are back at QFC in The Junction today, 3-6 pm, collecting school supplies for kids whose families can’t afford them – details in our calendar listing. (42nd/Alaska)

FRIDAY FARMSTAND: Delridge Grocery‘s third weekly farmstand is happening 4:30-7:30 pm today (here’s our coverage of the launch two weeks ago). (5435 Delridge Way SW)

WORDS, WRITERS, WEST SEATTLE: Dan Raley is the featured author at tonight’s edition of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society-presented first-Friday series at Barnes and Noble/Westwood Village. He’ll talk about his books ‘The Brandon Roy Story,’ ‘Pitchers of Beer,’ and ‘Tideflats to Tomorrow.’ 5-7 pm. (2600 SW Barton)

OUTDOOR CONCERT SERIES AT THE MOUNT: First of four Friday night concerts at Providence Mount St. Vincent, outdoors and free, with dinner/drinks available for purchase starting at 5:30 pm, show at 6. Tonight, it’s Danny Vernon‘s acclaimed tribute to Elvis Presley. (4831 35th SW)

TANGO DANCING ON ALKI: 5:30 pm lessons, floor open starting at 6:15, wristband required, as explained in the calendar listing.

CORNER BAR: The pop-up monthly bar/lounge/entertainment event at Highland Park Improvement Club is tonight, doors open at 6, music with The Backporch Apostles at 7, details in our calendar listing. (12th/Holden)

‘LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST’: Free outdoor Shakespeare in West Seattle again tonight, 7 pm at Camp Long, courtesy of GreenStage. (5200 35th SW)

‘CHASING ICE’: Documentary about the vanishing ice sheet, screened at Admiral Congregational Church at 7 pm, plus discussion – details in our calendar listing. (California/Hill)

‘FROZEN’ FRIDAY AT B&N: 7 pm, a celebration of the movie “Frozen,” with, according to Barnes & Noble/Westwood Village, “a singalong, reading stories, and doing some super fun (and edible!) crafts. C’mon in, dress up (if you want to), and sing ‘Let It Go’ as loud as you can!” (2600 SW Barton)

EVEN MORE LIVE MUSIC: Dave Holo Trio at Salty’s (5 pm), “Bobcat Bob” at C & P Coffee (7 pm), Scott MK Turner at The Cask (9 pm), The Take Downs (formerly the Flat 5, 9:30 pm) at Feedback Lounge – all four of those venues, WSB sponsors – plus The Benbow Room and Skylark Café and Club – you’ll find all those listings by going to our calendar.

AND THAT’S STILL NOT ALL … see other listings on the WSB calendar.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates & big summer weekend

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Happy Friday! We’re keeping watch on the commute as usual. It’s Seafair Friday, with the Blue Angels‘ practice show leading to an I-90 closure 12:15-2:40 pm (same times both days this weekend). Lots of other events around the city through Sunday, and this city-provided roundup covers them. One bit of transportation news, if you missed it last night:

ROXBURY RECHANNELIZATION? SDOT unveiled its proposals for SW Roxbury safety improvements, and the biggest (but far from only) one would narrow part of it to one lane each way plus a turn lane and shoulders. Here’s our full report; another info meeting is in Greenbridge at 6 pm Monday night.

Reader report: Launch day for the ‘Candy Unicorn Mini Mart’

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The latest tale of West Seattle kids’ summer creativity is courtesy of Meighan. When she e-mailed to let us know about this, we were in the middle of covering breaking news – but we suggested perhaps a wrap-up report could be made available later. She obliged:

Who doesn’t like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day? Combine that with a Unicorn and what could be better?

Four budding, local entrepreneurs, Brendan, Cashen, Catie, and Sabin, hit the streets Thursday at the corner of Stevens and 45th to realize their vision of the next generation of lemonade stands. The Mini Mart. The Candy Unicorn Mini Mart, no less.

They strategized about the venture for days. They took out a small business loan from Brendan and Catie’s nanny for $11, and convinced her to take them to the local Safeway to procure materials.

They scoped out a location a few block from both of their houses. They meticulously planned each detail. Pricing, signage, and unique combo meals of pretzels, cookies and lemonade. The night before the opening, they confided to their parents, that if all went as planned they would end up on the West Seattle Blog. These kids dream big.

They opened up shop and thirsty west-siders flocked to the stand, many of which were on the way to the hot Caspar Babypants concert at Hiawatha. Their hard work paid off with a 10x return on investment.

When we asked the young entrepreneurs about whether this was a one-time gig, they responded, “No, definitely not, we will open shop again on random days, at random times at the same location.” So keep a look out for the Candy Unicorn Mini Mart.

Moral of the story? A lemonade stand is never “just” a lemonade stand.

Rechannelization proposed for 1 mile of SW Roxbury, and other safety-improvement proposals unveiled at 1st of 2 meetings

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By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Rechannelization (aka a “road diet”) for the mile of SW Roxbury between 17th and 35th SW (map) is a big part of what SDOT is proposing to do, to fix what it acknowledges are “horrible” conditions for everyone from drivers to pedestrians:

Other proposals and plans for the road, between Olson and 35th, have just been revealed too – a mix of paving, painting, signage, and signals.

It was all unveiled by SDOT’s neighborhood traffic liaison Jim Curtin (who also happens to live in the area) in a meeting tonight at Southwest Library, with more than 20 neighbors in attendance, including leaders of neighborhood groups that campaigned for the city to finally get something done. (See the full slide deck here.)

As Curtin prefaced, SW Roxbury from Olson to 35th is a very busy road, a “principal arterial,” with 13,000 cars a day on average at 35th, almost twice that (25,000) at Olson Place SW. Speed studies show that most drivers are going at least five mph over the speed limit, Curtin said, adding that alongside Roxhill Elementary, 85 percent of vehicles are going more than 11 mph over the 30 mph limit, and, as he pointed out, speed is the number one factor in crashes – of which there have been 223 in the past three years, with 112 people hurt. The eastern section is more crash-prone than the western section. 11 crashes involved vehicles and pedestrians; two involved vehicles and bicycles.

Long-term proposals unveiled, under design right now into early 2015, with the “final determination” to be made before year’s end, and work to be done next year:

They’ll look at the corridor in three sections, he said, western, then White Center, then eastern. For the western segment, the most dramatic proposal:

*Rechannelization between 17th SW and 35th SW, one lane each way, middle lane for turns, shared bus lane with a potential new bus-layover zone near Roxhill Elementary, signage improvements, spot pavement repairs, but no “bike facilities” yet. He says that stats show that rechannelization works well on streets carrying fewer than 25,000 vehicles per day – and as noted above, that defines this stretch (16,000 at the most along the rechannelization-proposed segment). As if on cue, an attendee said, “This is the same thing that was successful on Fauntleroy, right?” and Curtin had a slide ready for that:

It showed 31 percent fewer collisions on Fauntleroy Way after that change five years ago, while it carries a bit more than the 17,600 vehicles a day that it did before the rechannelization. Travel times are unchanged, from four more seconds to 1.2 minutes; “top-end speeders” are down 13 percent.

Curtin says this will make for a better pedestrian situation, eliminates the “multiple threat” collision danger, so more crosswalks might result. Right and left turns will be safer too, he says. He also points out a five-foot buffer planned for each side of the road – and acknowledges that could be the future bike-lane space, after a question from an attendee.

Why can’t this stretch through the White Center area at 15th-17th? he was asked. Travel times there would go up “to unacceptable levels,” Curtin says they found out, through an analysis. But they do plan pavement repair between 17th and 18th, plus “new curb ramps and accessible pedestrian signals at 17th,” as well as signage improvements (like the ones now up at Fauntleroy/California, warning that turning vehicles need to stop for pedestrians and bicycles). “We’re going to go out there and take care of business,” Curtin declared. And yes, he told an attendee who asked, they are in communication with the county (SDOT is actually responsible for Roxbury up until the curb on the county side of the road, even though the boundary technically goes through the middle). A “crosswalk design” might be possible at that spot, Curtin suggests – not part of the formal plan but “if anyone’s interested in talking about it … we can partner up and make it happen.”

The parking alongside Roxbury right by downtown White Center will not be affected by this – business owners “fought really hard to keep it,” Curtin notes. In addition, the parking has NOT been a factor in any crashes, he said.

Now, for the eastern section of Roxbury:

Click to read the rest of Rechannelization proposed for 1 mile of SW Roxbury, and other safety-improvement proposals unveiled at 1st of 2 meetings…

Video: Mega-crowd for Caspar Babypants’ ‘Summer Concerts at Hiawatha’ show

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7:21 PM: If you’re not already among the hundreds of people on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center – there’s still time to get there for the Caspar Babypants concert that’s happening tonight in the second Summer Concerts at Hiawatha show, until about 8 pm. Thanks to Jason Grotelueschen for the photo – we’ll have more photos/video to add later.

8:37 PM: As promised, video! More photos ahead.

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Video: Police investigating house fire in 7300 block of 16th SW as arson; 1 person hurt

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(UPDATED mid-evening with video of SFD briefing, aftermath photo, SPD infolink)

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)
4:01 PM: Firefighters are just arriving at a home in the 7300 block of 16th SW (map), and say they are seeing flames. They’re blocking 16th at the fire scene. More to come.

4:09 PM: Though it’s not confirmed arson, witnesses are reported to have told police/firefighters they saw fireworks thrown toward the house before the fire – the initial description was broadcast as three “Hispanic-looking” teens/young adults, all dressed in different colors of gray, with backpacks. We’ll be asking authorities at the scene about that. Meantime, firefighters continue arriving.

4:18 PM: Added the first photo from our crew at the scene. No flames visible now but lots of smoke. (Added:) Police tape is now up:

4:31 PM: A neighbor tells WSB they heard a loud “bang”-type noise and were calling 911 when they saw the smoke. Meantime, police and firefighters have moved us further back from the scene than usual – not because of the fire, which seems to be mostly out, but because of the investigation. So far, no word of injuries – or arrests. Meantime, per scanner, the descriptions have changed/evolved – so what was mentioned earlier may no longer be accurate; they’re continuing to search (if you see anyone/anything suspicious, please call 911).

4:50 PM: Though the firefighting is wrapping up, 16th SW is still closed in the Webster-Othello vicinity. The incident commander confirms no one was hurt, but damage is extensive; the official investigation into its cause continues. Also note, Route 128 is rerouting as a result of the closure. (Added: Also Route 125.)

6:18 PM: This is now confirmed as an arson investigation, and we’re now told 1 person suffered a burn injury. (Added: Our video of SFD spokesperson Kyle Moore‘s early-evening briefing at the scene:)

6:56 PM: Here’s what SPD Blotter has to say about the investigation.

Also – 16th SW has just reopened, which means bus routes are back to normal.

WestSide Baby gets an assist from Seattle Sounders, including diaper drive at August 10th game

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It was Sounders FC mania this afternoon at WestSide Baby‘s headquarters – even Jaxton, son of a WS Baby volunteer, was in the spirit. And here’s why:

Sounders FC midfielders Aaron Long and Aaron Kovar were there to record a public-service announcement about the need for diapers – which will be highlighted in a diaper drive at their August 10th home game against the Houston Dynamo. (That’s WS Baby executive director Nancy Woodland toward the right in the photo above.) While at WS Baby HQ today, the Sounders reps also joined local Safeway reps in sorting thousands of diapers donated at Safeway stores during the recent Stuff the Bus drive:

And of course the athletes obliged a few autograph requests:

Today’s gathering included reps from other companies that supported Stuff the Bus, such as HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor). That meant group-photo time:

You don’t have to wait for the next Stuff the Bus drive to donate diapers (or time, or money) to WestSide Baby – here’s how to help.

Memorial on Saturday for Betty Lee Marks Broughton, 1929-2014

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A memorial service is planned this Saturday morning (August 2nd) for longtime West Seattleite Betty Broughton, who died Monday at age 85. Her family shares this remembrance:

Betty Lee Marks Broughton was born on February 18, 1929 in Missoula, Montana to Cleve and Ora Marks.

Her early childhood was spent on a 10,000-acre working family ranch in Townsend, Montana where both of her parents were born. She attended first grade at a mining camp in York, Montana where her father found work. She has two younger brothers, James and Michael, who were also born in Montana.

After the mine closed, the family moved to Helena, Montana where her father went to work for the Social Security Dept. In 1941, when she was 12 years old, the family moved to Seattle where her father went to work at Todd Shipyards building boats for the US Navy during WWII. She attended 7th grade at Beacon Hill Grade School and when the High Point Housing Projects were completed for the WWII industrial workers, her family moved there. Every day she walked to the Cooper School where she attended eighth grade. It was there she developed several lifelong friendships with her classmates, who still gather every Wednesday for dinner at the Chelan Cafe in West Seattle.

When her father’s next job took him to Everett, she stayed with Harold and Pearl Broughton, who lived a block from West Seattle High School, where she attended 9th grade until she graduated in 1947. After school and on Saturdays, she took the bus downtown for her part-time job at Frederick & Nelson, and gave the money she made to her host family. After graduation, she married Harold and Pearl’s son, Charles “Bud” Broughton, who had also graduated from West Seattle High School. In 1949, they bought their home on 47th Avenue where she raised her four children who graduated from WSHS: Tim in ‘66, Mary in ‘69, Joyce in ‘70, and LeeAnn in ‘72.

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Followup: What’s planned for 2141 California, and what’s sought

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(WSB photo, July 13th)
Ever since the closure of Admiralty House Antiques one year ago, the fate and future of 2141 California SW has been a subject of much interest. Two weeks ago, the 1920s-built brick building came out from under wraps after months of remodeling/renovation. And that’s brought in more questions about what’s going in. Today – new information, courtesy of this for-lease listing. The listing declares that an “experienced restaurant operator” is being sought for the larger of the two spaces into which it was divided. Peeking into the listing, the accompanying flyer shows Prospect Mortgage moving into the smaller space.

Blue Angels over West Seattle during Seafair airshow practice

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Even if you haven’t seen them, you’ve probably heard them over the past two hours – today is the day the Blue Angels have two rounds of practice for the upcoming Seafair airshow. Kory Love at Alki Lumber shares the photo of the lumberyard’s flag and a Blue Angel flyby. We also received this link from Kevin Freitas, who photographed the practice from West Seattle. The I-90 bridge is scheduled to reopen again shortly while the Blue Angels take a break, and then close again 1:15 to 2:40 pm for more airshow practice.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; stolen motorcycle

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Please be on the lookout for these two stolen vehicles reported by WSB readers, and call 911 if you see either:

STOLEN CAR: From Thad, “… my 91 Blue Honda Civic 4-Door was stolen last night between 10 pm and 5 am from around 34th and Trenton st. It has been reported to SPD.”

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE: Justin just let us know about a motorcycle stolen from the Link Apartments garage (38th/Alaska) in The Triangle two weeks ago, “silver 2003 Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle, MN plate, license #88-686MD,” July 14 or 15th, when, he says, the garage door at the building was broken and stuck open overnight. Police have a report on this too.

West Seattle Thursday: Caspar Babypants at Hiawatha; SW Roxbury Safety Project; Duwamish kayaking; more

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Another beautiful crescent-moon dusk last night – this time, the photo is courtesy of JayDee. Our calendar highlights include several ways you can enjoy what’s forecast as another perfect evening tonight:

DINNER WITH ‘ELVIS’: Acclaimed Elvis Presley tribute performer Bret Wiggins headlines a benefit dinner tonight at the Senior Center of West Seattle – happy hour at 5:30, dinner at 6, show at 6:30, details (including reservation information) here. (Oregon/California)

SW ROXBURY SAFETY PROJECT MEETING: 6 pm at Southwest Branch Library (upstairs meeting room), be one of the first to see what the city is proposing to help make SW Roxbury safer. Here’s our original preview. (35th/Henderson)

DUWAMISH RIVER KAYAK TOUR: 6 pm, the first of this year’s community kayak tours with the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition. No kayaking experience required! Tour departs from T-107 Park in West Seattle. RSVP details and other info here. (4700 W. Marginal Way)

CASPAR BABYPANTS AT HIAWATHA: West Seattle’s own kid-rock star is onstage tonight for the second of six Summer Concerts at Hiawatha, presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association (with co-sponsors including WSB). 6:30 pm, bring your own blanket/chair to the sprawling lawn on the east side of Hiawatha Community Center – admission is free. (2700 California SW)

SHABAZZ PALACES: Another free concert, this one in-store at Easy Street Records in The Junction, which declares, “Absolutely no one like them on the planet….new album on Sub Pop out this week is called ‘Lese Majesty’.” 9 pm; Facebook event page here. (California/Alaska)

DAUGHTERS OF THE DEAD SEA: Local rockers onstage tonight at the Benbow Room in The Admiral District, 9 pm. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

SOMETHING FOR THE CALENDAR? If it’s a West Seattle/White Center/South Park event, please send us info in plain-text e-mail (NOT in an attachment – thanks!) at least a week in advance for calendar consideration – editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

P.S. – WHAT’S *NOT* HAPPENING: We previously mentioned that the USS Constellation was expected to pass West Seattle today, under tow to be broken up in Texas. Not happening today, per the Kitsap Sun.

South Delridge raingarden project: ‘Walk and talk’ on August 12th

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West Seattle’s next roadside-raingarden project, officially dubbed the Delridge Natural Drainage System, is in the “early design” process. Next chance for neighbors to get updates and ask questions has just been announced – a “project-design walk-and-talk” event on Tuesday, August 12th, starting at the corner of 17th and Elmgrove (map) at 6 pm. The updates, according to this postcard that’s on its way to nearby mailboxes, will include a chance to “review proposed design concepts and plantings.” Like the county-initiated “green stormwater infrastructure” raingardens under construction in Westwood and Sunrise Heights, the goal is to reduce the stormwater going into the combined-sewer system, which in turn should reduce overflows at the end of the line. Construction is scheduled for next year.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Seafair Thursday, I-90 closures & more

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:16 AM: As today’s traffic watch begins, four things you should know:

1ST OF 4 BLUE ANGELS/I-90 CLOSURE DAYS: Today’s the only day with two closure windows – 9:45 am-noon, 1:15-2:40 pm.

NEW BIKE CORRAL READY TO USESE corner of California/Alaska in The Junction.

SW ROXBURY SAFETY MEETING TONIGHT: Whether you bike it, bus it, drive it, walk it, you’ve got a stake in the city’s proposals. 6 pm, Southwest Library.

HIGHWAY 99 AUGUST CLOSURE REMINDER: Today, the state starts an awareness campaign (including advertising here and elsewhere) about the August 22-27 Highway 99 closures. Here’s the official infopage.

6:40 AM UPDATE: Thanks to the person who just texted that the low bridge is “stuck open.” SDOT confirms this via Twitter and says a crew is en route to fix it.

7:20 AM UPDATE: SPD has tweeted that the low bridge is “back in service.”

5:13 PM UPDATE: In case you find this before the related news story, a fire and police investigation in the 7300 block of 16th SW has closed 16th in that area and 125/128 buses are being rerouted. No estimate on how long this will last. The fire might have been arson and investigators are on scene to try to determine if that’s so.

One more nudge: 1st look at Roxbury possibilities Thursday night

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It’s the road with two of West Seattle’s three most-crash-plagued intersections – and after two neighborhood councils said, “Enough!”, the city committed to making changes on SW Roxbury. As announced a week and a half ago, tomorrow’s the night you can get the first look, and offer some first comments, at the first round of possibilities. 6 pm, Southwest Library (35th/Henderson), upstairs meeting room – early enough you can still get out in time for a sunset walk/ride/drive.

West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Flasher’ suspect Duane Atwood charged, re-jailed, under investigation in other cases

July 30, 2014 at 4:46 pm | In Crime, West Seattle news | 66 Comments

(ADDED THURSDAY MORNING: 2002 mug shot from state Department of Corrections, at right) 37-year-old Duane Atwood, arrested in connection with a “flasher” incident on Beach Drive last week, is back in jail, charged with two felonies – indecent exposure and failure to register as a sex offender – and court papers say he is expected to be charged in another case soon. We first reported on his arrest last Saturday; his bail was set at $100,000 and, after posting bond, he was released that night, with a court date set for this afternoon. At today’s appearance, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office tells us, Atwood’s bail was increased to $250,000 and he was re-arrested. Court documents include more information on this case and on the conviction that led to his status as a Level 2 Registered Sex Offender, and they say he is under investigation for the two recent, similar incidents – both also reported here (July 15th report here, July 18th report here) – as well as an unrelated crime last year.

Click to read the rest of West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Flasher’ suspect Duane Atwood charged, re-jailed, under investigation in other cases…

West Seattle’s first bike corral now in place in The Junction

July 30, 2014 at 3:50 pm | In Transportation, West Seattle news | 46 Comments

West Seattle’s first city-installed bike corral is in place today in The Junction, one month after this open letter expressing concern that the city and the adjacent developer were delaying a project that had been in the works for more than a year. Less than two weeks after that letter, SDOT and West Seattle Bike Connections announced a breakthrough would lead to the long-awaited on-street bicycle-parking zone being installed by month’s end – and today, it’s done. It’s on the east side of California just south of Alaska, in a spot that was already off-limits to vehicle parking.

Followup: Alki, Seacrest showers to be turned back on following pollution-concern-related shutdown

July 30, 2014 at 2:18 pm | In Environment, West Seattle news, West Seattle parks | 25 Comments

Just in from Seattle Parks, following our Tuesday report:

Seattle Parks and Recreation will turn on the showers back on at Alki Beach Bathhouse today, and have the showers at Seacrest Park open by Thursday, July 31.

The water had been turned off temporarily after Seattle Parks received notice from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) that the two showers were draining directly into the Puget Sound, which is not allowed under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES) or Seattle City Code.

Parks and SPU have jointly developed a temporary solution to the problem while a more permanent one is created. Seattle Parks and Recreation will install a charcoal or vitamin C treatment system to address the chlorine in the water, and post signs that say “no soap, no chemicals, no dumping.”

Parks will work with SPU to develop a method and schedule for the long-term fix, which will likely include connecting the showers to the nearby sanitary line.

Parks and SPU are still working on a solution for how to bring the fish cleaning sink into compliance.

Thanks again to Paul for the tip on the shutoff – he e-mailed us over the weekend, we inquired Monday, and published the first report after Parks replied Tuesday morning, updating the story late yesterday following a conversation with SPU. We welcome news tips 24/7 – if breaking, text or voice to 206-293-6302; otherwise, editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

Photos/video: Seafair Parade of Ships/Flight off West Seattle

July 30, 2014 at 1:05 pm | In Seen at sea, West Seattle news | 13 Comments

(UPDATED Wednesday evening with more photos plus clip from the aircraft “parade”)

(Updated video: 1:35 pm)
1:05 PM: We’re on Duwamish Head, where the Seafair Parade of Ships – led by the USS Essex, an amphibious-assault ship you might mistake for an aircraft carrier, is about to come into view after passing Alki. The ships will sail past here on their way to the downtown waterfront, which also will get a series of flyovers. Here again (from last night’s preview) is what you’re looking at/for, on the sea and in the sky – see the PDF here, or embedded below via Scribd:

Updates and photos to come!

(USS Essex, courtesy of Greg)
1:42 PM: Behind the USS Essex came the USS Chancellorsville, USS Howard, Coast Guard Cutter Mellon, and now, from Canada, HMCS Brandon.

(USS Chancellorsville, from Lynn Hall)

(USS Howard with fireboat Leschi, from Mark McAndrews)

(USCGC Mellon, courtesy of Greg)

(Chancellorsville and Howard, by Gary Jones)
1:54 PM: While the Parade of Ships has passed West Seattle – and the Essex is Magnolia-bound – the Parade of Flight is under way, with aircraft passing the downtown waterfront, fairly low, flying north and then turning west (added: video of two of them, passing over the entire ship parade):

2:15 PM: Show’s about over.

The Essex is docking over at Smith Cove. Info on tours over the next four days (all the Parade of Ships visitors) is in the brochure embedded above, if you’re interested in. We’re headed back to HQ to add photos and video to this.

Followup: New location found for 2 of 3 businesses leaving Triangle building that will be home of Rudy’s Barbershop

July 30, 2014 at 12:24 pm | In Triangle, West Seattle businesses, West Seattle news | 12 Comments

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Two of the three businesses told to clear out of 4480 Fauntleroy Way in The Triangle have found new locations nearby.

We first reported Sunday night that Diva Espresso, Maestro Motors, and Ace 1 Computer Repair had been told by the new owner of 4480 Fauntleroy Way that they had to be out by the end of August.

Though the new owner, a SODO real-estate broker, didn’t respond to our inquiry, we discovered a document on file with the city indicating that Rudy’s Barbershop, long seeking a West Seattle location, would be the new tenant.

Rudy’s has since confirmed that to WSB. But first – an update on the longtime businesses that have to move.

Just this morning, Maestro Motors’ owner Richard Reed signed a lease for a spot barely a block to the west, where he tells us that Ace-1 is moving to, too. We found out the news while stopping by 4480 Fauntleroy to photograph him as part of our planned followup (even before we learned about the new location).

Click to read the rest of Followup: New location found for 2 of 3 businesses leaving Triangle building that will be home of Rudy’s Barbershop…

West Seattle scene: Hydroplane sighting in The Triangle, with bonus local connection

July 30, 2014 at 12:00 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | No Comments

In case you haven’t noticed it while passing by – there’s a hydroplane in West Seattle! On display in the Les Schwab Tires parking lot in The Triangle (Fauntleroy/Alaska). Read about it here. By the way – there’s more of a connection than just the hydro’s current location – its sponsor, Red Dot, has its roots in West Seattle, as CEO Randy Gardiner explained, keynoting last year’s West Seattle Chamber of Commerce Awards Breakfast.

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