TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; presidential visit this pm

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Northbound I-5 is reported to have some slowdowns downtown because of a crash near the Seneca ramp. That’s what’s up as we start the morning watch, and for later:

PRESIDENTIAL VISIT TODAY: Still no exact routes/times but as reported here on Monday, the advisory issued by Boeing Field, which Air Force One will use, suggest his quick visit for a Madrona fundraiser (possibly also Hunts Point) will be in the 3-7:30 pm vicinity. Especially in the I-5 corridor, prepare for possible motorcade stops/slowdowns.

The big transportation news, in case you missed it:

BUS-CUT PLAN CHANGE: The County Council and County Executive have agreed to go ahead with this September’s Metro cuts as previously announced, and the same amount of service cuts next February as planned – but not necessarily the same routes – and then before they get anywhere near September 2015, when the worst West Seattle cuts were supposed to happen, they’ll revisit the whole thing in the budgeting process.

Video: All-City Band’s Seacrest photo night and mini-performance

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Some of Seattle’s hardest-working young musicians were at Seacrest tonight, as previewed here this morning: It was the annual photo shoot and mini-performance by the All-City Band, marching-band musicians from high schools around the city, directed by Marcus Pimpleton, who leads music programs at Denny International Middle School and Chief Sealth International High School here in West Seattle.

After all the picture-taking, some music-making along Harbor Avenue:

The clear weather was perfect for the occasion.

As also mentioned here this morning, before their next round of parades – particularly Saturday night’s Seafair Torchlight Parade downtown – you can see them during Band Jam at Southwest Athletic Complex, 6:30 pm Friday night, also featuring other musicians (and flag-twirlers) getting ready for Saturday night.

Don’t miss Friday night – it’s free and fun.

Followup: Mayor tells police to stand down in post-foreclosure West Seattle eviction case of Byron and Jean Barton

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(Friday photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand: Above, deputies carrying Byron Barton from his home)
New development today in a West Seattle family’s quest to stay in their foreclosed-on-and-auctioned-off home. On Friday, we chronicled a day of tumultuous activity at the 41st/Holly home of disabled veteran Byron Barton and wife Jean Barton, a day that started with King County Sheriff’s Office reps removing them from the house, which they then defiantly re-entered, continuing to keep vigil with local activists. That evening, Seattle Police and the local City Attorney’s Office precinct liaison arrived, but ultimately left after concluding nothing would be done that night.

(Friday evening WSB photo)
This morning, the activists went to City Hall to ask the mayor and council to tell SPD to stand down – several also spoke during open-comment time at this afternoon’s City Council meeting – and this evening, Mayor Murray sent this statement:

We are attempting to understand all options that may exist in this situation and I have asked Chief O’Toole and the Seattle Police Department to stand by while the latest court proceedings unwind.

An interdepartmental team has been working on the issue of foreclosure and how the City of Seattle can proactively connect residents to resources early in the process. I’ve pledged the City of Seattle’s participation in the Mayors Challenge to End Veterans Homelessness in 2015, and will launch a separate process to address homelessness and increase housing affordability in the months ahead, one of my visions toward making Seattle an affordable city.

“In Washington State, we’ve seen recent victories such as the 2011 Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act, which I worked on closely, designed to help homeowners and their lenders explore alternatives to foreclosure and reach a resolution when possible. I’m committed to working with all stakeholders, using this and other alternatives in the work Seattle does on housing affordability.”

The City of Seattle and Washington State have resources to help homeowners avoid default and work out repayment plans in order to stay in their homes, or gain enough time to sell their homes on their own terms: and

The Bartons have a lawsuit pending, alleging the foreclosure – which had been in the works at least since 2012, according to court documents we have found so far – was illegal. The development company that bought their house in an April auction has sued for “unlawful detainer” – seeking to have the Bartons removed. The situation that led to foreclosure is complicated; while the house has been in Byron Barton’s family for more than 60 years, changes in the family put it back under a mortgage. P.S. How long this will take to play out in the courts is unknown – the civil system doesn’t always move quickly, and the current trial date for the Bartons’ lawsuit (filed in May) isn’t until June of next year.

County Council changes Metro bus-cut plan; West Seattle ‘deletions’ no longer certain

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Separate from the November vote on Seattle taxes to avoid Metro Transit cuts in the city limits, the King County Council has reached a deal today that changes the timetable for cuts. While the September cuts are still on as planned, and the number of hours scheduled to be cut February are to stay the same, here’s the biggest news for West Seattle: The round of cuts that was going to hit our area the hardest – originally scheduled for September of next year, involving route deletions – is not necessarily a sure thing; it will be worked out during the next round of county budgeting. (Here’s a document from last May showing which routes were to be affected in which phases.) The February cuts will be examined by a newly created committee, according to King County Executive Dow Constantine‘s version of today’s announcement. Here’s the County Council‘s version of the announcement, which includes the following explanation:

Click to read the rest of County Council changes Metro bus-cut plan; West Seattle ‘deletions’ no longer certain…

West Seattle traffic alert: Cars collide in Gatewood

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6:11 PM: It was a short-lived call on the 911 log and so we didn’t go to check out this crash at California/Portland – but Long B. Nguyen, better known for photos from the sky, was in the area and shared this photo. We don’t have any official word on injuries; the Seattle Fire call closed very quickly and did not include medic units, suggesting if any, they weren’t major.

6:25 PM: California SW is blocked both ways at the scene but tow trucks are there so it might not be long.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Admiral scuffle leads to BB shooting

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Just talked with police about an Admiral incident that several asked us about this afternoon. According to Seattle Police spokesperson Det. Drew Fowler, it boiled down to a fight involving four people outside Admiral Safeway just before 3 pm. Two were brothers, ages 16 and 17; the other two’s identities aren’t known. Police are still sorting out the motive for the fight but say that at one point, one of the unknown two suspects shot one of the brothers in the face with a BB gun. There also were reports of punches thrown, but in the end, what happened was so convoluted that Seattle Fire medic crews came and went from the scene twice – finally, the victim was taken to a hospital. His injuries are not described as major. No one’s been arrested.

More information about President Obama’s Seattle visit tomorrow

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(WSB photo of Air Force One at Boeing Field, July 2012)
Even if they don’t include public events, presidential visits are usually of high interest for reasons including traffic effects and Air Force One sightings. So here’s the latest information about President Obama‘s planned Seattle visit tomorrow (Tuesday, July 22nd): Boeing Field has just published an advisory that confirms Air Force One will be landing there. While some of the ground and air restrictions in the advisory span the time period of noon to 8 pm, most of what’s listed suggests that the heart of the visit will be in the 3-7:30 pm vicinity. No open-to-the-public events have been announced; the visit is reported to be fundraising only, including, according to, an event in Madrona. If any more information emerges tonight, we’ll update this item, and as always we’ll have the key points in our daily traffic watch first thing in the morning.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Three car break-ins

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Three reader reports – first two are about overnight car break-ins in north West Seattle. First, from Sandra:

My car was broken into last night. it was parked on the street at 2008 California Ave SW. They took 3 bags; 1) yellow leather with brown trim, 2) black leather with gold trim, and a black “expanda” file with handles. Nothing of real value in the bags, but if the thieves threw them out and anyone sees them, please contact me at Thank you.

And from Ian:

My 1992 Honda Accord was prowled last night, between 12 am and noon today. It was parked in the 2100 block of Alki Ave SW, underneath a street light in front of the condo I live in. Woke up to find the trunk partially opened and all the contents of my glove box thrown through out the car. Fortunately they didn’t steal my car since I had a club on the steering wheel which they tried to remove from all the scratch marks all over it. All they took was my GPS which was hidden in my glove box. No broken windows or scratch marks on my car door, which makes me think they had a master key to the car which you can buy online.

Third report is from last Thursday – Jeremy tweeted about a smash-and-grab car break-in in the south lot at Lincoln Park; his wife’s purse was taken.

P.S. In case you missed it over the weekend – a Crime Watch partial happy ending.

West Seattle development: Key approvals for 4400 SW Alaska

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(February rendering from NK Architects)
From today’s city Land Use Information Bulletin: Key approvals for the 5-story building with 36 apartments, 2 live/work units, 5 offstreet parking spaces planned by Isola Homes at 44th and Alaska – kitty-corner from the West Seattle Farmers’ Market site. Here’s the official notice; here’s the full text of the decision. The image above is from the project’s final Design Review meeting in February (WSB coverage here), and some changes were recommended. Today’s decision opens a two-week appeal period – how to do that is explained here.

West Seattle community rep sought for Boeing Field’s ‘Roundtable’

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Just noticed while checking the Boeing Field (officially, King County International Airport) website that its advisory group, the Roundtable, has an opening for a West Seattle representative. It is described as:

The Roundtable includes representatives of aviation-related businesses and communities interested in airport issues. It was set up as an advisory board to make recommendations to the airport’s administrators, the King County Executive, and the King County Council.

The group meets monthly, though it’s taking July and August off, per the website. Its current members are listed here. Interested in the West Seattle rep opening? E-mail for application/info. (Photo from

Marching-band fan? All-City Band at Seacrest tonight; Band Jam at SWAC on Friday

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ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:58 AM: If you love marching bands, two things you’ll want to know: First, the All-City Band – which won the grand prize in the West Seattle Grand Parade on Saturday – will be in the Seacrest vicinity this evening for its annual photo shoot, 5:30 pm per its boosters’ Facebook page. The photo above (shared by Toni) is from last year’s session. It’s not an official concert, but if you’re in the area, maybe returning from a Water Taxi commute, you’ll hear music post-photos, since one tipster tells us they’ll be “marching around” as part of it.

Second, this Friday (July 25th) at Southwest Athletic Complex, on the eve of the Seafair Torchlight Parade, ACB and director Marcus Pimpleton again host Band Jam, a chance for some of the parade bands to practice and perform. The formal announcement hasn’t arrived yet but it’s on the ACB calendar and in a comment discussion, we were told it’s set to start around 6:30 pm. Open to the public and free! (The stadium/field is at 2801 SW Thistle, east of Southwest Pool and across the street from Chief Sealth International High School.)

11:37 AM UPDATE: More info just in re: Band Jam – 6:30 pm is the confirmed time, and here are the bands expected:

(Chaotic Noise Marching Corps – WSB photo from 2013 Band Jam coverage)
*The Junior All-City Marching Band
*The Pacific Northwest Drumline
*The Ten Man Brass Band
*The Sumner High School Marching Band
*The Chaotic Noise Marching Corps
*The Seattle Sounders F.C. Soundwave
*The Seattle Schools All-City Marching Band

(Sumner was also honored for its performance in Saturday’s WS parade.)

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday updates; what you need to know for the rest of the week

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
While we keep an eye on what’s happening on the routes through and from West Seattle, a few other notes:

SHELTER SWAPOUT: If you’re catching or changing buses in The Junction, you might notice a shelter swapout:

Kate Kaemerle took the photo Friday. We checked with Metro, whose spokesperson Jeff Switzer tells WSB it’s a refurbishment project and that the locally themed art that graced the previous shelter will be reinstalled after the work is done. No time estimate, though.

I-90 WB LANE CLOSURES CONTINUE: Here’s a WSDOT progress report on the westbound I-90 lane closures between Bellevue and Mercer Island. They continue today.

PRESIDENTIAL VISIT TOMORROW: Various regional news sources have reported that President Obama is coming to Seattle on Tuesday for more Democratic Party fundraising. Though there has been no formal public announcement of times/places, Patti Payne reports in the Puget Sound Business Journal that it’s an afternoon event in Madrona. He’s not staying overnight, so there will be a motorcade back to the airport too.

SATURDAY NIGHT 99 CLOSURE: Looking way ahead to next weekend, a reminder that Saturday (July 26) is Seafair Torchlight Night, and NB Highway 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) is scheduled to be closed 5:30 pm-7:45 pm for the Torchlight Run.

How can SW Roxbury change to become safer? Find out July 31st

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After a campaign launched by community advocates one year ago, the city promised to make SW Roxbury safer. Wondering how? SDOT is almost ready to unveil options. It’s announced two meetings at which it plans to show “several different engineering options to improve safety for all modes.” The first one is on the West Seattle side, Thursday, July 31st, 6 pm at Southwest Branch Library. Second one is on the White Center side, Monday, August 4th, 6 pm at the Greenbridge YWCA. These meetings were promised during a round of community meetings last winter (WSB coverage here). The project’s official page is here; check out the maps linked from the left side, including this one showing speeds, volumes, and intersections with the most crashes.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #5: People & wheels

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(SPD motorcycles in The Junction)
Before this very busy weekend concludes, one last round of photos from the 2014 West Seattle Grand Parade – hundreds of community members, on foot and on wheels …

Click to read the rest of West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #5: People & wheels…

West Seattle Bridge traffic-alert update: Offramp crash cleared

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7:05 PM: Thanks to the texter who just called our attention to an emergency callout on the eastbound West Seattle Bridge at the exit to northbound Highway 99 – they say it’s a flipped car. Can’t tell from the cameras in the area at this point, but we’re checking.

7:13 PM UPDATE: Seattle Police just tweeted that it’s a single-car crash and no injuries are reported, but the ramp is blocked.

7:21 PM UPDATE: Police are calling for an SDOT crew to clean up the scene, saying over emergency radio that since it’s upside down, its fluids are running out.

8:46 PM UPDATE: In comments, Morgan Junction Mom says this isn’t clear yet but progress is being made.

8:52 PM UPDATE: And now SPD has tweeted that the ramp is open again.

Summer Concerts at Hiawatha 2014 start this Thursday night

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Next big event in your West Seattle summer: The Admiral Neighborhood Association‘s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha series (with WSB among the co-sponsors) gets going this Thursday night, July 24th. Above, the video for “Cool” by Eclectic Approach, the first band in this year’s series. Bring friends, family, a blanket and/or chair(s), picnic dinner, and enjoy free live music at 6:30 pm this Thursday and each of the five that follow.

West Seattle wildlife sighting: White crow (or albino?)

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Thanks to Bob Venezia for sharing the photo – he reports seeing that crow near Lincoln Park before noon today. Is it albino, or “just” white? Experts explain there is a difference. We learned a bit about non-black crows back in 2008, when “Leucy” the leucistic crow appeared in this WSB story (that bird died the next year on our record 103-degree day). Has anyone seen this bird before?

Happening now: Alki Art Fair 2014, creativity with a view

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The “Share the Shore” T-shirt is on sale in the Seal Sitters‘ booth at the Alki Art Fair, lining the promenade on the west end of Alki Beach Park until this evening. Today artists and musicians are sharing the shore as the festival continues – the Tri-Cities Steel Band Association played during our visit:

The music lineup is on a whiteboard at the site – click here for a photo. Artists include locals such as North Delridge photographer Holli Margell:

While you’re there – at the east end of the promenade, admire the piano that just arrived as part of Pianos in the Parks (reported here Thursday):

Transportation to the fair includes a shuttle bus from West Seattle High School (3000 California SW) again this year.

Happening now: West Seattle Garden Tour 2014, Admiral to Westwood

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A peaceful, beautiful landscape including stone and water features is one of the nine residential stops on this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour, under way until 5 pm. This is where you’ll find renowned photographer Art Wolfe, who is there talking with visitors (below, in sunglasses) as well as selling and signing his books.

Also open for Garden Tour visitors, the 35th/Barton P-Patch.

Its masonry oven was in action this morning, baking fresh bagels:

Other stops on the tour – listed and mapped in the ticket book but not online – range from Admiral to Gatewood. It’s self-guided, so you don’t have to go in any particular order, as long as you complete your tour by 5 pm – ticket-book locations are on the right side of the WSGT home page.

Update: Helping WestSide Baby ‘Stuff the Bus’ to help kids

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ORIGINAL 11:50 AM “HAPPENING NOW” REPORT: Since 10 am this morning, WestSide Baby volunteers have been greeting community members donating diapers at Stuff the Bus headquarters in the HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) parking lot (northeast corner of 41st/Alaska) – and lots of other satellite locations. As the sign in the lower-right corner of the photo points out, food stamps don’t buy diapers. And babies/toddlers without diapers cannot be taken to day care so that their parent(s) can go to work. Your donations help families get on their feet and get to a point where they don’t need help any more. Here’s the list of donation locations – one might be near you even if you’re not in WS today! P.S. WS Baby reports that as of about 11:35 am, today’s donations have totaled about 28,000 diapers.

7:35 PM UPDATE: As of the 2 pm end of the major part of today’s drive, 41,450 diapers had been collected at the West Seattle location alone, with a drive-wide total of 260,713 diapers, per WS Baby. Fourth from left below is Krista, the donor who put them past today’s local goal:

While today’s drive was vital for myriad reasons including matching donations, you can donate to WS Baby throughout the year – check this page any time for current needs and where/how to donate.

West Seattle Sunday: Stuff the Bus, WS Garden Tour, Alki Art Fair, MedFest, Shakespeare in a park, music, more

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West Seattle photographer/pilot Long B. Nguyen flew over the Alki Art Fair on Saturday. The fair’s second day is one of today’s highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar. But first:

WEST SEATTLE GARDEN TOUR: Buy a ticket book and you can tour nine fab local residential gardens 9 am-5 pm today, including – as noted here Saturday – that of world-famous photographer Art Wolfe, who will be there to meet visitors and sign books. Noon lecture with Susie Egan at The Kenney (WSB sponsor). Ticket-book locations on the right side of the WSGT home page – the tour sites are listed and mapped in the ticket book. Proceeds benefit local nonprofits (including the raffle held during the tour!).

Speaking of local nonprofits – today is a HUGE donation drive for one:

WESTSIDE BABY ‘STUFF THE BUS’ DAY: Every year, the day after WestSide Baby‘s bus rolls down the West Seattle Grand Parade route, the family-assisting agency collects tens of thousands of diapers for babies/toddlers in need. The main dropoff spot is HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) at 41st/Alaska, but there are lots of other spots you can drop off diapers too – see them here. Safeway stores also are offering deals on diapers, with on-site dropoffs. The HomeStreet site is open 10-2 – bring the kids and they can honk the bus horn.

ALKI ART FAIR, DAY 2: Second day for local artists to set up along the boardwalk at the west end of Alki Beach Park and show/sell their wares. Music and food, too. Today’s hours 10 am-6 pm, with music and food running later (check the schedule on site); free shuttle from West Seattle High School. And look for Seal Sitters at the art fair – read about their activities here, including a chance to raise money for them by dining nearby while you’re on Alki.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm as always, in The Junction, with summer produce reaching its peak. (44th/Alaska)

MEDITERRANEAN FANTASY FESTIVAL, DAY 2: 11 am-5 pm, “MedFest” features belly dancers on two stages (no admission charge) at Hiawatha Community Center. Performance schedule here; vendor map/list here. (2700 California SW)

AUTHOR SIGNING: 1-3 pm at Barnes & Noble Westwood Village, Barbara Jean Hicks, author of “Frozen: A Sister More Like Me,” will be signing. (2600 SW Barton)

WHITE CENTER JUBILEE DAYS: Live music 11 am-6 pm as part of the WCJD street fair on 17th between Roxbury and 100th – info here.

JAMTIME: Live at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor) 1-3 pm. (5612 California SW)

SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: Greenstage‘s “Backyard Bard” version of “Comedy of Errors,” 3 pm at High Point Commons Park, free. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

JOSH HARTY & ANDREA PETERMAN: 7:30 pm, they’re onstage at Kenyon Hall – details in our listing. (7904 25th SW)

AND THAT’S NOT ALL … see everything by going to our calendar.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #4: Hi-Yu royalty

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It’s West Seattle Hi-Yu‘s 80th anniversary – so here’s a separate look at their West Seattle Grand Parade appearance:

This year’s contingent included the first male Hi-Yu royalty to appear in a West Seattle parade, Senior Court Prince Hang:

Last year’s Senior Court queen, April Davis, is on the left below, riding with other participants in the Seafair Scholarship Program for Women – that coronation at next Saturday’s Torchlight Parade downtown:

After their time on the parade route was done, this year’s royalty gathered to watch the rest of the parade:

They’re scheduled to be in the Torchlight Parade too. And if you know a young lady or gentleman who might want to be part of Hi-Yu next year … watch for information on how to apply.

PARADE COVERAGE: One more photo gallery ahead, later Sunday – with the people and sights not already shown here or in these previous reports:

#3: The winners
#2: The Kiddie Parade
#1: First quick clips

(Also, a separate report on the Float Dodger 5K)

All our Grand Parade coverage over the years is archived here.

West Seattle coyotes: Late-night Gatewood sighting

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First coyote report in a while. It’s from Chris:

At 11:45 PM I saw a coyote in the middle of the California-Southern intersection [map]. I was 1/4 block away from it, on the east side of California at Elmgrove. I got a pretty good look at it. I was with my dog and it stopped and looked at us and turned around and went west on Southern towards Northrup. I crossed the street and looked down Southern and it turned around and looked at us again from mid block then continued west on Southern past Northrup. It looked like a healthy young one. I was glad it was wary of us.

Making sure we and coyotes stay wary of each other is a major recommendation of experts – here’s what else the state has to say.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Claire has her bike back!

July 19, 2014 at 10:07 pm | In Crime, West Seattle news | 5 Comments

The other day, Mark sent a Crime Watch report saying his bicycle had been stolen, with a child’s bike left in its place. He included a photo in hopes of at least finding that bicycle’s owner. JP saw the note and recognized it as his daughter Claire‘s new bike – which indeed had been stolen – and now, she has it back, and JP sent the above photo to share:

Thank you Mark and West Seattle Blog for reuniting Claire with her stolen bike! You made my daughter very happy! We hope Mark’s bike is found as well.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #3: The winners!

July 19, 2014 at 7:02 pm | In West Seattle Grand Parade, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Shortly after today’s West Seattle Grand Parade concluded, the award winners were announced, and our video above shows parade-presenting Rotary Club of West Seattle president Shane Carew making the announcements. Here’s the list, followed by information on how trophies can be claimed if your organization/group/etc. won but wasn’t there to accept the award:


1st Place – Seattle Schools All-City Marching Band (above)

2nd Place – Sumner High School Marching Band (above)
3rd Place – The Dolls & Gents Drill Team & Drumline

1st Place – Kennedy Catholic High School Marching Band


1st Place – Seattle Seafair Clowns (above)
2nd Place – Lake City Vigilantes
3rd Place – Keystone Kops


1st Place – Pathfinder K-8 School Unicycle Team

2nd Place – Joyas Mestizas – Seattle Mexican Folk Dance Youth (photo above)

3rd Place – Seafair Pirates (photo above)


1st Place – Luna Park Cafe (above)

2nd Place – The Little Gym of West Seattle (above)
3rd Place – Ronald McDonald


1st Place – King County Metro Transit (above)

2nd Place – 1942 American LaFrance Fire Truck (above)

3rd Place – Hope Lutheran School (above)


1st Place – The Princesses of Elegance Drill Team (video above)

2nd Place – Washington Diamonds Drill Team (photo above)
3rd Place – Anointed to Praise Drill Team

1st Place – The Ladies of Elegance Drill Team

2nd Place – Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team

3rd Place – Diva Upgrades Drill Team


1st Place – Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish & School

2nd Place – Seattle Lutheran High School Robotics

3rd Place – Southside Revolution – Jr. Roller Derby


1st – WS Rotary Foundation Trophy: Marysville Strawberry Festival Float

We have at least one more parade report to come – but in the meantime, a message for the winners from parade co-coordinator Dave Vague: “The trophies are set out at the Legion Hall, which will be open 9 – 4 Monday through Friday next week, and the phone number is 932-9696.”

West Seattle Garden Tour tomorrow: Meet Art Wolfe at his garden

July 19, 2014 at 6:15 pm | In Gardening, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

The West Seattle Garden Tour is about the gardeners as well as the gardens. On this year’s WSGT – 9 am-5 pm tomorrow – the nine residential gardens includes one belonging to someone who is world-renowned for his amazing images of our Earth’s beautiful creatures and places – photographer Art Wolfe. You can see a preview on his Facebook page. Your WSGT ticket book also gets you in to Susie Egan‘s lecture at The Kenney (WSB sponsor) at noon. If you don’t have your ticket book yet – it includes the gardens’ addresses – you should be able to get one in the morning before going on the tour at locations that are open on Sunday, including Metropolitan Market-Admiral (WSB sponsor) and West Seattle Nursery (all ticket locations are listed on the right side of the WSGT home page).

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #2: Kiddie Parade-rs

July 19, 2014 at 5:47 pm | In West Seattle Grand Parade, West Seattle news | No Comments

(MORE PARADE COVERAGE: Scroll through this archive)

(Photo by Steve Fuller; others by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
If you watch the West Seattle Grand Parade from somewhere along the final three blocks, between Genesee and Edmunds, you get to see the Kiddie Parade, which the Rotary Club of West Seattle presented for years before taking over production of the Grand Parade itself starting this year. It’s open to all kids (and their chaperones). Here are some of the participants – starting with one young lady who brought a float!

She was one of more than a few in costume:

Pre-parade, here’s the Junior All-City Band getting ready – coached by All-City Band members:

For more of our 2014 parade-day coverage, scroll through our coverage archive here.

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